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What are the shipping times and costs?

Shipping costs are free in Italy for orders over 60 euros (8 euros for orders below). The cost in Europe is €20. In America €50 . Arrival times of the jewel in Italy: please allow 4/5 working days for the preparation of the shipment by Moro& Ognissanti. As many and always working hours (within 5 days) for the delivery of the jewel by the shippers. The delivery of items in Europe, the United States or customized and made to size takes from 5 to 10 working days more .

How can I track my order online?

The order will be traceable through the tracking number that will be sent after making the purchase, once shipping is ready. In the case of a bank transfer, you will have the tracking number, also once Moro & Ognissanti has confirmed receipt of the same.

How does Moro & Ognissanti's returns/exchanges and refunds policy work?

Returns can be made within 15 days from the delivery date . To return the order, simply send an email once you have received and viewed the jewel indicating your desire to make the return. The jewel can then be returned, at the customer's expense, obtaining a refund within 14 days . Goods purchased online may be refunded or replaced provided they are returned in the same sales conditions in which they were purchased . Please note that Moro& Ognissanti does not accept exchanges or refunds on personalized items . Additionally, please note that retail stores cannot offer refunds or exchanges for products purchased online unless specifically agreed to.

How can I interact with the Personal Shopper to get help?

You will be able to view the Contact Us page or send a message in WhatsApp Business or Direct through social channels.

How do I clean the Moro& Ognissanti jewel?

Always contact your Personal Shopper first to get the right information based on the jewel you purchased.

How can I find out my ring size?

In the measurement guide you will find a sheet to help you using a soft tape measure or ruler. We recommend that you interact with your Personal Shopper to always have extra help.

In which cities do you have single-brand boutiques?

Milan and Palermo

How to contact the boutiques?

Through the following telephone numbers: +39 0916112446 (Palermo) and +39 0292853302 (Milan).

What payment methods are accepted?

Cards, Pay Pal and Bank Transfer. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

Which stones do you set in your jewels?

Natural such as quartz, onyx, mother of pearl, tourmalines . Synthetic, that is, Created Moro & Ognissanti stones: exceptional Moro & Ognissanti synthetic stones that reproduce natural precious and semi-precious stones to perfection. Synthetic diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires with cuts, color and depth of excellent quality, i.e. Moro& Ognissanti A+ cubic zirconia with Moro& Ognissanti guarantee certificate and Moro& Ognissanti HPHT with IGI certification.

What makes a Moro& Ognissanti jewel so unique?

In addition to the design, the manufacturing and the rhodium platinum made according to the rules of the highest jewelry; the setting of the wonderful stones made by talented Italian craftsmen from Milan, Valenza and Vicenza .

What makes Moro& Ognissanti synthetic stones so exceptional?

Moro & Ognissanti stones are exclusively synthetic stones cut to ideal proportions . For example, a Moro & Ognissanti synthetic diamond must reproduce, according to the guidelines of the Italian Maison creator of Travel Jewellery, the color "F" and the clarity "VVS1", as per the color and purity scale of natural diamonds, at a minimum.

Is it possible to return or change a personalized jewel?

Moro& Ognissanti does not accept exchanges, returns or refunds on personalized items.

Could there be delays in the delivery of my order?

If it should happen and exceed the timescales of point 1, if employed by Moro& Ognissanti, an email will be sent to the customer with the explanation .

How does Moro& Ognissanti deal with customs clearance costs?

Moro& Ognissanti is not responsible for customs clearance costs which will therefore be borne by the customer. Please therefore make sure of the same before making a purchase from the Italian Travel Jewelery Maison.

Is the Gioielli da Viaggio brand registered, and what does it mean?

It is the company's claim and is registered for the exclusive use of the Italian jewelery house Moro& Ognissanti. Anyone who uses it without specific request and permission will be punished in accordance with the law . The claim indicates the use and very high manufacturing of Moro& Ognissanti jewels.