Moro & Ognissanti Club


1. Membership of the Program:
The Moro& Ognissanti Club is a loyalty program dedicated to all our valuable customers. Membership is automatic for all buyers registered on our site.

2. Earning Points: Every euro spent on our site during purchases gives the customer 1 loyalty point. Points are automatically credited to the customer's account after each transaction.

3. Conversion of Points into Discount Coupons: The accumulated points can be converted into discount coupons according to the following scheme:

  • 2000 points are equivalent to 1 100 euro discount coupon
  • 1000 points are equivalent to 1 50 euro discount coupon
  • 500 points are equivalent to 1 30 euro discount coupon

4. Use of Discount Coupons: Discount coupons obtained through the Moro& Ognissanti Club program can be used during the checkout process when purchasing on our site. Coupons are valid for a single use and cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. The coupons are applicable on a minimum spend equal to their equivalent value.

5. Points Expiration: The points accumulated in the Moro& Ognissanti Club are valid for one year and expire every 31st December. At the end of this period, unused points will automatically expire.

6. Points Tracking: Customers can monitor the balance of their points by accessing the personal area of ​​the site.

7. Changes to the Program: We reserve the right to make changes to the Moro& Ognissanti Club program, including points accumulation and conversion levels, upon notice to club members.

By participating in the Moro& Ognissanti Club, customers accept the terms and conditions indicated above.

Thank you for being part of the Moro& Ognissanti Club. We are thrilled to reward your loyalty and offer you exclusive benefits.